Warner Bros. BD-Live™ General

What is Warner Bros. BD-Live?
Warner Bros BD-Live is an interactive gateway to exclusive content, downloads, virtual screenings and Picture-in-Picture commentary to share and enjoy with friends and family.

Does it work with DVDs?
Warner Bros. BD-Live is compatible only with Warner Bros. Blu-ray Discs™ that contain BD-Live features.

Do I need a Blu-ray player?
Yes. BD-Live is only accessible through a Blu-ray Disc™ played on a BD-Live enabled Blu-ray player (including PlayStation®3). 

Does my Blu-ray player need to be connected to the Internet?
Yes, your Blu-ray player must be connected to the Internet through an Ethernet port at the back of your player in order to access BD-Live. Please consult your Blu-ray player's manufacturer's website for details on how to connect your player to the Internet.

Will it work with any Blu-ray Disc™?
No. Warner Bros. BD-Live will only work with discs that contain BD-Live features.

Does it work with any BD-Live disc?
No. Warner Bros. BD-Live is only compatible with Warner Bros. releases that contain BD-Live capability.

What are the minimum system requirements?
You must have a BD-Live enabled Blu-ray player (including PlayStation®3) with appropriate Internet connection and sufficient storage.  It is possible that your Blu-ray player may need a firmware or software upgrade.  To determine if your player is upgradable, consult your hardware manufacturer's website for the latest firmware or software version, installation instructions, and more information.

Does BD-Live work with rental Blu-ray discs?
Yes. You will still be able to access Warner Bros. BD-Live content and extra features if you have rented a Warner Bros. BD-Live disc.


Do I need to register to watch the movie?  Or special features?
You do not need to register in order to watch your movie. If you would like access to certain special features and content that can only be accessed through Warner Bros. BD-Live, you must create a Warner Bros. BD-Live account.

Why do I need to register?
By registering with Warner Bros. BD-Live, you will be able to access special features and content, create a personalized profile and buddy lists, invite other Warner Bros. BD-Live users to Live Community Screenings and chat with your friends.

I made a mistake. How can I change my information?
From the Warner Bros. BD-Live Profile Page click the "Update Profile" button found in the "My Profile" section.

How can I find out about future discs that support Warner Bros. BD-Live? Or future Warner Bros. BD-Live events?
To stay up-to-date about upcoming Warner Bros. BD-Live releases and events you may want to subscribe to the Warner Blu newsletter. If you have not already subscribed, click the "Update Profile" button found on your "My Profile" section on the Warner Bros. BD-Live Profile Page. By signing up you will receive exclusive invites to Warner Bros. BD-Live events and periodic Blu-ray updates, special offers and sneak peeks! You can also check the Warner Blu website at www.warnerblu.com.

Can I create my own avatar?
Users are not able to create their own avatars but you can choose from over one hundred avatars featuring your favorite characters from films like The Dark Knight, 300, The Wizard of Oz and more.


What are buddies?
Buddies are your online friends. You can share your Warner Bros. BD-Live experience with your buddies.

How can I add new buddies?
To send a buddy request, enter the username of the buddy you would like to add into the text field of the "My Buddy List" section of your profile page and click "Add Buddy." A request will be sent to the user. Your buddy's username with the word "Pending" will appear in your buddy list.

I can't find my buddy. What should I do?
Be sure that you entered the username correctly.

Someone I don't recognize is asking to be my buddy. What should I do?
If you don't recognize the user who is requesting to be your buddy you can decline the buddy request. From your Pending Buddy Requests list on the Warner Bros. BD-Live Profile page simply click the "Reject" button next to the username.

Live Community Screening

What is live community screening (LCS)?
A live community screening allows you to invite buddies to view a movie together. As a moderator you can pause, fast forward and rewind the film. You can also chat with your buddies who have joined the screening with you.

How do I create an event?
You must create this event through your Blu-ray player interface. There you can access help documentation to get you started.

How do I join an event?
From the Blu-ray player interface, go to the Live Community Screening - Event Manager screen. Select the "Join" button next to the screening you wish to attend. You can also click on the "Chat Now" button in the "My Events" section of your online Warner Bros. BD-Live Profile page.

When can I start chatting?
Once the moderator has joined your screening you can begin chatting with other users who have joined the event.

When does the event end?
Because moderators control playback of the movie, your event will end when the moderator chooses to end a screening. Keep in mind that the movie can be paused, rewound and fast-forwarded so your screening may last longer than the actual running-time of a film.

I am hosting an event and someone is being obnoxious. Can I kick the participant out?
No. Moderators do not have the option of removing a participant from an event.

Can I get a transcript of the chat session from an event?
No. Chat transcripts are not available for private events.

How many people can I invite to a live community screening?
You can invite up to nine buddies to a live community screening.

I'm invited to an event but the moderator didn't show up. What should I do?
If your moderator has not shown up for an event you can exit the event and organize your own screening.

Live Community Screening Public Event

When can I post a question?
You may submit a question once the public event you registered for appears in your "Upcoming Events" section of your profile page. Your question will be added to a queue of submitted questions and if chosen will be answered during the event. You will receive confirmation that your question has been submitted.

Why didn't my question get answered?
Because of the high volume of users attending the event our guests may not be able to answer all questions submitted.

When does the event start?
The event will start at the time indicated on your invitation. You can join 15 minutes prior to the event.

When does the event end?
The event will end at the time indicated on your invitation. Please keep in mind that the moderator may wish to pause or rewind the film which could affect end-time.

I just asked a question. Why can't I ask another?
You must wait at least 30 seconds between each question submission.

Why is the text going outside of the box or the text is getting cut off?
If you are experiencing problems with the text, text box or the options on pop-up menu during the event, try clearing your Blu-ray Player's persistent storage.

When I push the POP UP MENU button, I cannot see the "Event Audio On/Off" button or the "Help" button on screen?
If you are experiencing problems with the text, text box or the options on pop-up menu during the event, try clearing your Blu-ray Player's persistent storage.

Can I join the event after it has already begun?
Yes. You can join the event at any time during the screening by selecting the JOIN button on the Screening page of Warner Bros. BD-Live.

Can I turn off the audio on the live commentary?
Yes. Use the Pop Up Menu button on your remote and select AUDIO: OFF.

Can I turn off the on screen text on the live commentary?
Yes. Use the Pop Up Menu button on your remote and select TEXT: OFF.

The video portion of this event just went black. What do I do?
Use the Pop Up Menu button on your remote and select the EXIT button. Then use the JOIN button on the Screening page to re-join the event.

Why can't I hear the Commentary Audio?
If you are experiencing issues receiving the Commentary Audio, please try exiting the live event, freeing space in your Local Storage (memory card, internal hard drive or other storage device), and then re-entering the live event. Please consult your Player Manual for information on freeing space in Local Storage. If freeing space in Local Storage does not remedy the issue, please review the Additional Suggestions below.

Additional Suggestions:
Please make sure secondary audio is turned on. To determine if your Player has the option to control secondary audio on and off, please consult your Player Manual or Player Support Website.
For a PS3 when using an optical digital cable to output audio, please choose a PCM audio output format. Please consult your PS3 Manual for information on how to switch audio settings.

Please note that the performance of this event may vary depending on your Blu-ray player and internet bandwidth.

I need additional Support?
If you need additional support, please visit http://wblive.warnerbros.com/faq.html.